Box Tops 4 Education
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Welcome to the
Kenosha Montessori School!

Parent Reminders:
Antons and Renzos are due on Monday, April 28th

Each KMS family is asked to
donate or solicit two items
for the Springtide auction.
Items should be turned in by 5/15
Attention: Date Change!
Springtide will be held on
Tuesday, May 20th!
Please change your calendars
and we look forward to seeing
all of our KMS families!

Orders are due on Mondays by 5:30 pm.
OR . . .

- Email orders to by 9 PM.
Woodman cards are always in stock!

For a list of participating local businesses and their giveback rates go to

Full Member School of the American Montessori Society,
and KMS offers a complete Montessori Program for
Pre-School through grade 6.

Education for the future...Education for life.